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China avant-garde art
China avant-garde art, 1979-2004
“Sharing in the Same Boat” 2004
History of Chinese Oil Painting
History of Chinese Oil Painting,
“Leisure” 2003
Shine Art Space
Shine Art Space – Continuance 2006
Asian Art News
Asian Art News, 2004 A look at Youth Culture
Art China, No. 5
Art China, No. 5, 2005
Xiong Li Jun and Her Painting
  Shine Art Space
Shine Art Space – Solo Show 2006
  Society of the Arts
Society of the Arts,
“Sunday” 2003
  The Turning
The Turning, 2003
Feature Article

Fine Arts Literature
Fine Arts Literature, 2005 Feature Article
Art within the Art
Art within the Art, Paintings 2003
Contemporary Artists
Contemporary Artists, 2003
Vision on the Times

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