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Xiong Li Jun - Biography

1975 Born in Chongqing, China
1997 Graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Oil Painting Department.
2002 Graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Oil Painting Department--MFA degree

2002- Professor, Si Chuan Fine Arts Institute
Living and working in Chong Qing


2007 Bridge Art Fair (London, U.K.)
2006 Xiong Li Jun by Xiong Li Jun (Shine Art Space Gallery,
2004 Don't Look Back (Pacific Arts Group, Los Angles,



  • Chinese Whisper (Osage gallery, Hong Kong)
  • Taiwan International gallery Expo (Taiwan)
  • Red Hot (Chaney Family Foundation, Huston, USA)
  • Shang Hai Contemporary 2007 (Shanghai)
  • Distinction (Shine Art Space)


  • Continuance (Shine Art Space Gallery, Shanghai)
  • Beijing International Gallery Expo (Beijing)
  • Taiwan International Gallery Expo (Taiwan)
  • China International Gallery Expo (Beijing)
  • Up and Raising (Shine Art Space Gallery, Shanghai)
  • Si Fang Contemporary Art Museum, Nan Jing
  • Vibrant Images (Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai)
  • Women in a Society of Double Sexual (Tang Gallery, Bangkok)
  • The Bridges at Art Basel Miami Beach (Miami, USA)


  • Hello Sunshine--contemporary art exhibition (798 Art Factory, Beijing)
  • Grounding Reality--Chinese contemporary art invitation exhibition (Seoul Art Center,Korea)


  • L’un, L’autre--Sichuan Fine Art Institute contemporary art works exhibition (Toulouse, France)
  • No Interval--2004 China Avante-Garde Arts exhibition (ShangJiangCheng, Chongqing)
  • Tenth National Art Exhibition (Guang Dong Art Museum, Beijing)
  • Blue Space--academic invitation exhibition (Blue Space Gallery, Cheng Du)
  • Artificial Happiness --Melbourne International Art Festival (RMIT Museum, Melbourne, Australia)


  • Third China National Exhibition of Oil Painting (National Art Museum, Beijing)
  • First Chongqing Exhibition of Oil Painting (Chongqing Art Museum.)
  • National Teacher's Works of 10 Fine Art Academy Exhibition (Series Exhibition of Beijing Biennale, Qing Hua University Art Museum, China)
  • Bare Androgyny--Contemporary Art Exhibition (798 Art Factory, Beijing)
  • The Turning--The 1st Annual Invitation Exhibition by Contemporary Artists (Chongqing Museum)
  • In Pursuit of Happiness and Freedom --The New Art of China (Pacific Art Group, Las Vegas, USA.)
  • Images of Images --2003 China Contemporary Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition of Shenzhen Art Museum (Shenzhen Art Museum)


  • Korea-China Art Exchange Exhibition (Chongqing Art Museum & Korea)
  • Selected Graduates’ Works--Taiwan Exchange Exhibition (Sun Zhong Shan Museum, Taipei)
    Art Education of Experiment (
    Chongqing Art Museum)
  • Thought-Provoking Art (Chongqing Art Museum)
  • First Selected Exhibition from The Oil Painting Graduates of China (He Xiang Ning Museum, Shenzhen)

1996 - 2001

  • GB--Oil Painting Exhibition (Chongqing)
  • Keep Watching--Five Artists’ Oil Painting Exhibition (Sichuan)
  • Body Art Exhibition (Chongqing)
  • Future in My Eyes--Art Exhibition (Beijing)
  • Long March Triumph 60th Anniversary--Art Exhibition (Sichuan Art Museum, Cheng Du)

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