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Pacific arts group

Philosophy                “Artists have always been the bridge from one society to

another.  Entertainment and the Arts enable communication

and create understanding between people and cultures.”    



Specialty                   Pacific Arts Group (PAG) is an artist and brand development company, providing management and consultancy with unique knowledge, experience and understanding of the China market.


                             Experience in Entertainment (music, film, publishing, cinema, games), Internet, Data, Licensing, Advertising and Sponsorship, Consumer Products, Development, Distribution & Consulting



Mission                       To create valuable business relationships and opportunities among our cross-global partners in entertainment and the arts through marketing, branding and sponsorship.



China Projects          WKC Group, Xiong Li Jun, Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts, Asia Society, Guangdong Provincial Gov’t, eChina Cash, Junnet, GOQO, Jaycn.com, RAND, USBA-China, etc.



Principals                   Bob Skoro – 30+ years in senior management and ownership positions in the entertainment, internet and consulting businesses including Polygram Records, Screen Gems, MMN – Consumer Net, MP3.com and The Firm.


                                    Jon Stern – 30+ years as principal and CEO of companies in

product development, marketing and digital development

including Cine Coasters, Digital Sparx and the Market China Inc.



Network                     Motion Picture Studios, Record Companies, Global Ad Agencies,

                                    Consumer Products, Brand Retailers, Internet-web/data, Product Development, Licensing, Branding/Communication, China/US, etc.



Offices                        Los Angeles and Sausalito, California

Pacific arts group