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China Pop Culture

“A whole generation is coming of age, untouched by the nation's painful past”

“Designers are fashioning a new Chinese aesthetic, blending the here and Mao”

“This kinetic dash into the future
is creating one of the most
dynamic societies”

“This much more genial
cultural revolution
is transforming the nation”

“it's the lifestyle they aspire to,
the spirit of America,
a desire for individualism”

“The cult of newness replacing
the cult of history”

“National identity remains
a binding force,
the youth are proud to be Chinese”

Chinese Contemporary Art

“Contemporary Chinese Art is currently one of the hottest genres anywhere. In the past 18 months Sotheby’s has created a stand alone modern-Chinese-art division, and Christie’s showcases the art alongside such modern masters as Andy Warhol and Willem de Kooning”.

Chinese auctions houses that once specialized in traditional ink paintings are now putting contemporary experimental artworks on the block.

“What is happening in China is what happened in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century,” said Michael Goedhuis, a collector and art dealer specializing in Asian contemporary art who has galleries in London and New York. New ground is being broken. There’s a revolution underway”