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Jackie Chan discovers Xiong Li Jun

Xiong Li Jun – Curator Reviews

China's third generation art and artists
by Zhang Zhaohui
(China Today) 2004-12-01

Time flied into the 21st century, Chongqing, a metropolis in the southwest of China, does not change its obstinate dock culture handing down for uncountable years, due to the coming of a new century. People in Chongqing still take delight in talking about their self-sufficient culture. Fortunately, the roam brought by globalization occasionally makes the inland city experiences culture pleasure and frolic attitude of fashionable life more or less in the context. Read More

Frolic in City
Xiong Lijun and Her Paintings
By Yu Ke

Dramatic changes have taken place in the 25 years since China’s reform and opening. Since 1978 it has transmogrified from the isolated, indigent and unenlightened country of the cold war years to a world economic powerhouse. Accelerated integration into the international community has turned Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and China's other major cities into cradles for a new urbanized culture, of which consumption is a major aspect. Read More

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Interview – Xiong Li Jun

Born into a Chinese generation that grew up amidst an economic revolution, Xiong Lijun belongs to an age seeped in consumerism. In her lifetime, China has experienced dramatic increases in personal wealth (the years between 1978 and 1998 saw a phenomenal, 20-fold, increase in Gross Domestic Product). Along with this change came the introduction of televisions, computers, the internet, fashion magazines, commercial advertising and the one child per family policy; exposure to the outside world, combined with the expendable income of the single child family, resulted in the evolution of a booming youth culture heavily influenced by the Western model. Read More

Shanghai Solo Show
Shine Art Space


SHINE Art Space is proud to introduce Xiong Li Jun by Xiong Li Jun!
a Xiong Li Jun solo exhibition
(December 24 – January 23 2007)

Xiong is one of the most prominent artists to emerge from China’s new generation, her dynamic and intensely vibrant paintings proudly expressing the twenty first century voice of China’s urban youth. Her neon, cartoon like oil and acrylic paintings are a visual bombardment where figures dance, sing or throw themselves into dramatic poses inspired by fashion photography. Read More

Dream Doll

Inquire Pacific arts group

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